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    First Mover in Take-Home Psilocybin

    APEX is the first to launch and dose a take-home microdose psilocybin clinical trial, with the largest of its kind approved and beginning recruitment Q2 2023.

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    8-Year Data Exclusivity

    Following commercial approval, APEX drug assets have data protection for 8 years in Canada.

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    Optimized Dosing Options and Clinical Pipeline

    Two drug assets in the pipeline have the potential to be optimized for severity across indications.

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    Unmatched Team

    Decades of healthcare, clinical and pharmaceutical experience with representation from the Veteran community in the C-suite and past corporate experience with Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GSK, Lilly, McKesson, Tilay, Sharp, and Canaccord.

Revenue Model


Pre-DIN SAP Macro-Dose

In clinic macro-dose with assisted psychotherapy through strategic partnerships utilizing Veteran focused clinics with Nationwide footprints. Pre-Drug Identification Number (DIN) revenue created by sales and insurance coverage for Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP Veterans.



Secure DIN by successful statistically powered clinical program for APEX-52 take-home microdose drug asset and APEX-90 macro-dose drug asset achieving regulatory approval in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia for broad commercial sales. Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP Veteran insurance programs from SAP macro-dose initiative to inform broader reimbursement.