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    First Mover in Take Home Psilocybin

    APEX is the first to launch and dose a take home microdose psilocybin clinical trial, with the largest of its kind approved and beginning recruitment Q1 2024.

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    8-Year Data Exclusivity

    Following first commercial approval, APEX drug assets have data protection for 8 years in Canada.

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    Optimized Dosing Options and Clinical Pipeline

    Two drug assets in the pipeline have the potential to be optimized for severity across indications.

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    Unmatched Team

    Decades of healthcare, clinical and pharmaceutical experience, executing 190 clinical trials, bringing 20 drugs to market in 70 countries with representation from the Veteran community in the C-suite and past corporate experience with Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GSK, Lilly, McKesson, Tilay, Sharp, and Canaccord.

Revenue Model


Pre-DIN SAP Macrodose

In clinic macro-dose with assisted psychotherapy through strategic partnerships utilizing Veteran focused clinics with Nationwide footprints. Pre-Drug Identification Number (DIN) revenue created by sales and insurance coverage for Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP Veterans.



Secure DIN by successful statistically powered clinical program for APEX-52 take home microdose drug asset and APEX-90 macrodose drug asset achieving regulatory approval in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia for broad commercial sales. Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP Veteran insurance programs from SAP macrodose initiative to inform broader reimbursement.