APEX is a socially focused pharmaceutical company.

APEX’s clinical development program is focused on Veterans – a population disproportionately affected by mental health conditions. The Company’s lead clinical candidate is a low-dose synthetic psilocybin product for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and treatment resistant depression.

APEX’s strategy is to develop drug products including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) produced by chemical synthesis, and also drug products with botanically sourced API, differentiating APEX by diversifying APEX’s options for development and commercialization of drug products.

Global Problems

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  • MHD

    450 million

    Over 450 million people suffer from Mental Health Disorders on a global scale, with an estimated $51b of annual economic impact within Canada alone. 50% of Canadians will be affected by mental health issues by the age of 40, while 76% of all Canadians having reported experiencing a traumatic event reshaping their mental health.

  • PTSD

    351 million

    An estimated 351 million people are living with PTSD in the world today. 8% of Canadians will suffer from PTSD at least once in their lives.

    9% of PTSD patients are not receptive to current traditional treatments.

  • Opioid

    27 million

    Today it’s estimated over 27 million people have opioid addiction problems globally. 20% of Canadians suffer from addiction in any given year.

  • Depression

    254 million

    An estimated 254 million people are battling depression globally today. Canada is ranked 4th in anti-depressant drug usage per capital with suicide as a result of depression being the leading cause of deaths nationwide.


To bring psychedelic drugs to market through commercialization of drug products and, where possible, through medical access, in both Canada and the USA.


Global Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) supply chain secured with a Licensed Dealer to create synthetic APIs, cultivate fruiting bodies and preparing botanical extracts.


APEX aims to be at the forefront of both psilocybin drug development and medical access by working directly with Veterans. APEX is aligned with TheraPsil, a non-profit advocacy group focused on psilocybin medical access.