The Golden Age of Psychedelic Medicine

Apex Labs is the most differentiated drug development company in psychedelics, unleashing the power of psilocybin in treating mental health with two drug assets in human clinical trials and a path to early revenue.

Let’s change the world together.

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To address this urgent, unmet need, Veteran-founded Apex Labs Ltd. (APEX) has identified the strong evidence for the effectiveness of psilocybin, a substance already taken by many for relief outside of regulated medical avenues. Recent clinical psilocybin studies have shown positive benefits, leading APEX to execute rigorous clinical trials for its unique formulations and a government-approved Early Access Program (EAP) to bring legal, regulated, pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin drugs to market for depression and PTSD.

Who is Apex?

APEX is is a patient-driven pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes clinically-evaluated psilocybin-derived treatments to tackle the most critical unmet need in depression and PTSD among Veterans and the general public.

APEX is the first-mover in take-home microdose psilocybin treatments and has a macrodose drug asset as well, blazing the trail for stand-alone use, combination and maintenance therapy. Both assets are optimized across mild, moderate and severe disease states. The company has completed a human clinical trial, has two trials actively recruiting for a total of over 450 patients, and their robust Early Access Program is running in parallel to support Veterans and collect real world data.

“From Day 1, our mission has been focused on first serving the Veteran community that is suffering at an alarming rate. We know that treating them successfully represents the first step in far broader access for tens of millions of potential patients for our therapies. Our team mission has informed our “we are in this together” ethos which has led to hitting one key benchmark after another – and at a fraction of standard industry cost.”

–Tyler Powell, APEX Co-Founder & CEO.

From its inception, APEX has had strong financial support from a premier group of investment banks, broker dealers, and leading VC investors including:

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

And it is now pursuing a Reg D raise of $15 million to complete multiple phase 2 clinical trials and then, subsequently, funding its big board US IPO in Q1/Q2 2024.

How Big is the Problem?

Big. Very big.

The prevalence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD is a mental health crisis, affecting the lives of over 40 million North Americans – or approximately 18.1% of the total population – and severely, 4.5 million Veterans. Tragically, 17 North American Veterans succumb to suicide every day.

According to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canadians between 18 and 39 years old reported the highest levels ever recorded with 33.5% for anxiety, 29.1% for loneliness, and 27.7% for feelings of depression.

This broad social challenge is exacerbated by the fact that currently dispensed pharmaceutical antidepressants are the standard of care, but the side effects can be brutal and studies estimate these drugs improve symptoms in around half of patients, a coin toss at best.

“The drug effect of antidepressants is not clinically significant. If they are to be used at all, it should be as a last resort.”
–Dr. Irving Kirsch, Associate Director, Placebo Studies at the Harvard Medical School

In addition, current anti-depressants often lead to addiction and related health and lifestyle decline. This level of suffering is tragic, not necessary and is screaming to be addressed.


Recent clinical psilocybin studies have shown positive benefits.



Most psychedelic companies only pursue large doses of drug that have to be taken in a clinic with a healthcare professional present, costing a fortune and preventing broad access. APEX is disrupting the industry by developing a microdose treatment that can be taken in the comfort of your home just like traditional home medications – the first of its kind in a phase 2b clinical trial.

This is a game-changer for treatment, a game-changer for the industry and most importantly, a game changer for the millions who are currently suffering.

Because of this innovation and APEX’s substantial market differentiation the financial and medical communities are paying close attention to the company’s rise:


APEX is disrupting the $380 billion dollar mental health market that is currently ill-served.


Our Core Team: APEX has brought together leadership from the pharmaceutical sector, Veteran communities and scientific and academic specialists with a combined decades of clinical experience executing 190 clinical trials, bringing 20 drugs to market in 70 countries, conducting trials for industry leaders such as Lilly, Roche, and Johnson & Johnson.


Multiple Drug Assets: APEX has developed two ground-breaking clinical pipelines with two statistically powered phase 2b trials approved by Health Canada and actively recruiting 450+ patients. APEX is evaluating these two unique drug assets covering all disease severity:

  • Microdose drug asset (APEX-52) for take home dosing targeting mild to moderate disease severity
  • Macrodose drug asset (APEX-90) positioned for in-clinic dosing and assisted psychotherapy targeting more severe disease states

Multiple Revenue Streams: Robust early access program targeting Veterans to secure insurance coverage creating an early path to revenue. Plans to seek conditional approval post-phase 2b trials granting early prescribing opportunity for 3+ million patients, and pursue full clinical regulatory approvals in multiple jurisdictions unlocking global market for sales.


Our Commitment: is to Veterans and helping tens of millions people with depression and PTSD. We researched the best ways to tackle depression and PTSD in the Veteran community and identified psilocybin treatments as the greatest opportunity to create lasting impact. Our Chief Strategy Officer is a Veteran himself, and oversees our Early Access Program, getting treatments to Veterans in need prior to full commercial approval.


Rapid Adoption: APEX has an agreement with multiple Veteran-focused clinics with large patient networks to expedite clinical trial recruitment and access to EAP participants. Our strategy is to utilize these programs to seek the same insurer coverage Veterans already have for medical cannabis and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy – which gets us more quickly into positive cash flow.


Rapid Achievements and First Mover Advantage: Our Uniqueake home microdose psilocybin asset, key to unseating antidepressants, would take years for competitors to catch up to clinical progress.


Governmental Regulatory Momentum: US, Canada and Australia have already made decisive moves to decriminalize and legalize medical cannabis and ketamine treatments. Oregon and Australia have approved the legal use of psilocybin and Health Canada has approved early access to psilocybin for multiple patients through their Special Access Program.


Mass Media and Public Awareness Momentum: Recently, there has been an exponential increase in positive coverage of psilocybin therapies in A-tier media channels including NY Times, Forbes, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Subcommittee on Veteran Affairs, CNN, ESPN etc (see Investor Deck for links)

  • Hitting Benchmarks Like Clockwork: APEX has hit multiple achievements and benchmarks in its startup phase, including completing the world’s first dedicated take-home microdose phase 2b clinical trial, received approval and has begun screening for for the world’s largest take-home trial PATHFINDER-52 recruiting 294 patients and SUMMIT-90 a 160 patient macrodose clinical trial launching Q4 2023.

US Market Penetration: APEX will be filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the FDA for US entry through a top tier University in Q4 2023.


Exclusivity: 8 year data exclusivity secured upon first Canadian psilocybin drug approval.


Financing Momentum: USD $4.6mm raised to date with 320+ shareholders.


IPO Path: Goal of NYSE/NASDAQ IPO, Q1/Q2 2024.


Psychedelics are at the forefront of mental health research globally. APEX drug assets are in advanced clinical testing stages, and our first mover advantage with take -home microdose psilocybin and unmatched network of Veteran patients and clinics has set APEX years ahead of competitors.

Depression and PTSD plague all age groups, all ethnicities and all economic classes.

PTSD prevalence in North America alone is estimated to be 21.8 million. Depression prevalence at a staggering 39.2 million individuals.

Globally, we are looking at bringing patient relief for depression (322 million people) and PTSD (280 million people) with a drug asset that has been shown in studies to be non-addictive with minimal side effects.

Given the breadth of this suffering, it comes at no surprise then that the global mental health market is estimated to exceed $380 billion dollars.

Even though antidepressants have harsh side effects and are only estimated to improve symptoms in around 50% of patients, medical professionals and patients don’t have better options. Spending for antidepressants has been rising YOY:

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph


APEX will seek conditional approval in Canada following phase 2b trials, opening the door to prescribed federal access for 3mm+ Canadian patients as phase 3 trials continue to open up the global market.

We can get quickly to market due to our Early Access Program pre-approval drug sales via Special Access Program with unmatched access to Veteran patients with pathway to seek insurance coverage. There are over 460,000+ Canadian military Veterans alone. (460 ref –

Our Early Access Program is projected to produce sales growing from $9M in 2024 to $125M in 2028, representing a CAGR of 163%.

With Conditional Drug Approval, those estimates rise to $255 by 2028, representing a CAGR of 1860%

Traditional Drug Approval is projected to grow to $133M by 2028, representing a CAGR of 167%

Taking even a 1% market share of the mental health market puts APEX at nearly $4B in revenue.


As a pioneer in psilocybin treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD Apex Labs has been covered 40+ times pre-launch due to our extensive and strategically-cultivated relationships with key. Journalists. APEX press releases have been picked up over 1,000 times with a potential reach in the high hundreds of millions.

In short, Apex is making news! And for very good reasons. For example:

  10. – Apex Labs Pioneers Take-Home Psychedelic Treatment

Government coverage:

Thanks to our media exposure and relationship with Health Canada, APEX’s Early Access Program proof of concept patient, Kelsi Sheren recently went to speak in Ottawa on the availability of APEX’s treatment options and need for insurance coverage, validating our strategy:


APEX labs was born in the face of a glaring need: PTSD and depression have been destroying the lives of millions of people across demographics, and especially plaguing military Veterans costing lives and placing a huge financial burden on healthcare systems. In order to address this unmet need, our founders from clinical, research, and Veteran communities came together to move change forward with a treatment option that has strong potential benefits with minimal side effects.

Each of our four co-Founders, bringing a unique specialty:

  • Tyler Powell, Chief Executive Officer is a longtime financial leader who handles all financings and anything numbers-related while quarterbacking the team
  • Dr. Orion Lekos, Chief Science Officer – is an expert biologist who oversees drug development
  • Dr. Peter Tomlinson, Chief Technical Officer – Peter drives the clinical program bringing extensive international trial experience
  • Arron Victory, Chief Strategy Officer – and Canadian Armed Forces Veteran leads Apex’s Early Access Program and all elements relating to Veterans and patient engagement.

Riding the clinical successes and deregulation of other efficacious psychedelic treatments, especially medical cannabis and ketamine and now increasingly psilocybin, our roadmap has been clear from the start: to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical assets that address significant unmet need through a clinical trial pipeline and robust Early Access Program.

On March 21, 2022, Apex Labs participated in the first known case of psilocybin being accessed through Canada’s Special Access Program, the first legal medical access to psilocybin outside of clinical trial in Canadian History .

Now in Q4, APEX is proceeding with a 294 patient clinical trial for APEX-52 and 160 patient clinical trial for APEX-90 – both of its lead drug assets in phase 2b studies. Once completed with demonstrated outcomes, we will accelerate revenue by challenging regulatory agencies for pre-phase 3 conditional approval expanding toward commercial approval in Canada, US, Europe and Australia.

Additionally, by prioritizing Veteran patient communities via our network of thousands of Veteran patients, 13 Veteran-focused clinics and psilocybin-trained therapists, APEX will accelerate public awareness, proof of concept, public acceptance and revenue.

In H2 2024, with positive phase 2b data, APEX will file New Drug Submissions (NDS) for conditional approval with health Canada, initiating 8 years of data exclusivity once approved, and inform multiple pivotal phase 3 commercialization study designs on the path toward commercial approval in US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

This current round of financing allows APEX to launch all clinical trials, dose patients through the SAP and then file our IPO registration for an early 2024 listing.

APEX is a build to acquire model. Once APEX is public and clinical trial readouts are positive, we will be in a highly advantageous position to sell the company.


Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Tyler Powell

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Decades of experience as an entrepreneur, passionate about innovating in pharmaceuticals, supporting in-need populations and revolutionizing their standard of mental health care.

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Arron Victory

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer and Director

Ambassador for Wounded Warriors Canada & Advisor to the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence & Heroic Hearts Project with patient & operational

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Dr. Orion Lekos

Chief Science Officer and Director

Ex-Tilray scientist specialized in IP portfolio and drug development innovation. Led global clinical trials while being instrumental in the design of extraction and formulation for a top three global cannabis company.

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Dr. Peter Tomlinson

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Prominent industry leader specializing in clinical trials & pharmaceutical commercialization partnering with leading companies such as Tilray, Aegera, Purgenesis, Ultragenyx, Sharp & Taro

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Dr. Mark Johnston

Chief Medical Officer

Experienced psychiatrist practicing for over 15 years while running a private Veteran-focused clinic network and involved in numerous clinical trials.

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Sam Isaac

Chief Financial Officer

Brings 15 years of experience in private equity, international capital markets and start ups. Specializes in heavily regulated sectors cannabis R&D, tech & energy.

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Greg Rutherford

Chief Commercial Officer

Senior global pharma commercialization & marketing expert optimizing drug product lifecycles and commercial strategy with past roles at Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GSK, Lilly and McKesson

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Dr. Enrique Carrazana

Independent Director

Harvard-trained Neurologist with a career spanning over 25 years in drug development and the pharmaceutical industry

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Tom McGaugh

Independent Director and Audit Chair

Provides nearly two decades of financial accounting excellence & experience supporting start-ups, small businesses & publicly traded companies across the globe.

Apex Labs Ltd. Photograph

Jim Pakulis

Independent Director

Vast executive corporate experience as CEO & Director of numerous successful public & private companies across North America raising millions in conjunction.

Clinical Advisors

Dr. Emmanouil Rampakakis – Clinical Trial Protocols Specialist
Dr. Kevin Lutz Psychiatrist -Specializing in Veterans and PTSD
Dr. Bal Kang – Synthetic Chemist and Drug Design
Dr. Franklin King – Psychiatrist and Experienced Psychedelic Clinical Investigator
Dana Nohynek – Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs
Raashid Naik – Pharmacist and Senior Director at Shoppers Drug Mart
Alysa Langburt – Clinical Program Manager

Strategic Advisors

Dr. David Wood – Intellectual Property and Regulatory Attorney
Bob Cross – Capital Markets and Corporate Structure
Martin Cronin – Veteran Advocate
Victoria Dekker – Public Relations
Max Monahan-Ellison – Corporate Affairs
Dennis LeBlanc – Veteran Advocacy

Offering Details

  • What type of securities are being offered? SAFE, Convertible Note, Common Stock, Preferred Shares, etc. – Common stock
  • Regulation Type? Reg D 506c, Reg CF, Reg A+ – Reg D 506c
  • What is the price of the offering? $1.50 USD
  • Target raise amount: How much money are you looking to raise? $15,000,000
  • Minimum investment: What is the minimum someone can invest? $5,000
  • Funding round: What round of investment is this? Seed I, II, III – Friends and Family – Series A, B, C, Etc. – pre-IPO


First 500 investors will become part of The APEX Inner Circle – including monthly online gatherings, exclusive AMA with the doctors, C-suite and Veterans experiencing success stories. Contribute your ideas, wisdom and support and be part of this needed revolution.

Use of Proceeds

Our use of proceeds is clean and clear. To launch and complete our clinical trials, execute our early access program, and IPO on a US big board exchange Q1/Q2 2024.

Clinical trial pipeline $10mm
Early access program $2mm
Working capital (24 months) $3mm


The purpose of this raise is to launch three clinical trials leading to a Q1/Q2 2024 IPO on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Once the financing is closed, electronic verification of share issuances will be sent from DLA Piper law firm.


What is your exit plan? This is a build to acquire model. Post positive read out data from our phase 2b clinical trials, Apex will have big pharma looking to acquire.

*** Need to verify ***

Apex is wrapping up its two year PCAOB audit in September with an aim of filing a S1/F1 go public registration statement by the end of the year. This would align with a listing date in H1 2024.

If an investor met the required qualifications to participate in an Apex clinical trial or SAP application, we would be open to incentivizing that shareholder/patient.

Yes, two data rooms. One created by DLA Piper with all supporting legal and a second more focused on VC investors.

Verified accredited investor